Quality is no accident.

Fit Your Kitchen Ltd was founded in 1995 by the current owner Adrian Browne and remains a totally dedicated "kitchen only" family run business in Exmouth.

My name is Adrian and I oversee pretty much everything within this healthy business, In 1980 I trained to be a qualified chef at the Devoncourt Hotel in East Devon, where I earned City & Guilds 7061 and 7062. I moved to London and gained huge experience within this industry, becoming head chef within several top class brasseries and restaurants.

As a chef working in countless different positions from head chef to pastry chef the importance of the kitchen layout is paramount for an efficient system which in turn lends itself to convenient storage of the all manner of things required in the kitchen.

 This early experience plays an important role in the making of our business that we have forged over the years.

         In 1990 change of direction was looming. In this year my wife and  I had taken on a totally different lifestyle and moved to an unoccupied 13 bedroom stately home near Okehampton set in 30 acres of beautiful granite gardens known as Wood House.

I had taken on the task to help renovating this amazing tranquil, beautiful house which was built at the turn of the century (later purchased by Noel Edmonds). This was the start of everything for me.  Although cooking was rewarding for me, I soon discovered my real love for what was to follow in the next 5 years.

wood house

wood house

Learning the real craft

I worked alongside craftsmen of all skills, from French polishers, wood turners to cabinet makers and interior designers, not to mention the plumbers and the roofers.

For me it was the carpentry and design that inspired the most, and remains that way today. From designing, making and fitting spiral staircases, scarfing and repairing all sorts of floor-to-ceiling solid oak paneling through to designing, making and fitting kitchens. It has been quite a wonderful journey. The lovely person that gave us these opportunities made a statement to me in conversation "quality is no accident" words that I keep with me all the time. Kitchen design and planning has always come naturally due to the sheer amount of time spent cooking in them, the very organised days of being a chef comes into its own.  

The quest for hi-end kitchens in East Devon

The move to Exmouth in 1995 was promoted by the realization of a complete gap in the market  for kitchen fitting, there where carpenters and joiners but no one with kitchens as there specialty, and certainly no one with a passion for fitted kitchens, the benefits and opportunities of becoming the only dedicated experienced kitchen fitting company in such a large area as East Devon was obvious.

"Fit Your Kitchen " was established as one of the only kitchen fitting businesses in East Devon area. I was fitting kitchens in, Exton Exmouth, Budliegh, Sidmouth, West Hill, Seaton, all over East Devon. The next step was to supply kitchens as well as fit them, soon we had the space and machinery to start making our own kitchens. At last the problems of poor quality, missing pieces, flat-packed kitchens delivered in boxes were a thing of the past. In 2008 we announced the newest kitchen showroom in East Devon known as Your Kitchen Ltd this showroom was built next to B&Q in Exmouth.

I literally have over 30 Years experience with fitted kitchens and have found some excellent people on the way that also have kitchens as their specialty, even our electrician Rob has his finger well on the pulse when it comes to fitted kitchens, hes done a wonderful job on our kitchen showroom in Exmouth. 

We don`t do bathrooms, bedrooms, offices etc. So between Exton and Budliegh, West Hill and Sidmouth we are still the only true fitted kitchen specialists in East Devon and for miles around.

We remain completely dedicated to beautiful fitted kitchens and nothing else.