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Wood House 1995, where it all started and Your Kitchen Ltd. was founded.

Wood House 1995, where it all started and Your Kitchen Ltd. was founded.

              In 1982 I started my career as an apprentice chef at the Devoncourt Hotel in Exmouth Devon, where my love for food and cooking was developed, and the real beginning of our story for the creation of Your Kitchen Ltd.

    Welcome to Your Kitchen Ltd, my name is Adrian - the founder and director of this unique thriving fitted kitchen business set in East Devon, to get to the point of where we are today is a blend of experiences in lots of areas within the cooking industry, back in 1982 I had been involved in my first design of a kitchen layout at the Devoncourt Hotel, the task was to create a more efficient pastry room, as the pastry room was my favorite area (as it is today). I set it out to suit my way of working, this ability is a key part of our success and has proven to be one of the most important aspects for our customers today, "good kitchen design is pure logic with no assumptions". 

               The move to London was in 1987 to further my experience as a chef, and collected some wonderful and diverse knowledge in things all kitchens. My experience had taken me to some very high-end restaurants, being head grill chef of a Brasserie, cooking for the likes of Steve Davies and Geoff Capes, and working along side the twin brother of the famous Henry Cooper was just a part of the journey for me.

The move back home to Exmouth was inevitable for me and by 1995 I was married and living in the most beautiful country mansion know as Wood House. I had taken on the responsibility of looking after and refurbishing this most amazing time-forgotten place.

Who designed this kitchen?

                    Working along side the most professional of craftsmen and trades, slowly but surely Your Kitchen Ltd. was being formed - from floor to ceiling oak paneling, scarfing solid oak skirting, original plaster moldings, traditional flooring, central heating systems the full spectrum of crafts and skills where taken on board. A new fitted kitchen was needed in one of our barn conversions and soon after it was fitted a representative from the kitchen supplier asked who had designed and fitted this kitchen? yours truly was responsibly for this and was asked to do the same for a local living in Belstone.

There was no such thing as a kitchen fitter back then, just carpenters, I realized a niche and set out to fill it Your Kitchen Ltd was created and I’ve been doing this ever since, went on to fit hundreds of fitted kitchens in the East Devon area, although I rarely fit kitchens now my love for fully fitted kitchens is still very much with us today and I continue to make changes and improve our business whenever and where ever I can. It has taken years and years to surround myself with the finest craftsmen with fitted kitchens as there specialty.

We are East Devon’s kitchen specialist.

What we do today...