34 Years and counting

 Kitchen design in East Devon for over 34 years. Make no mistake about it, the kitchen design is the most important part of the process.You can achieve pretty good design with tuition but there is no substitute for pure experience. 34 years ago one of my first kitchen designs was to help achieve a layout that was easy to work in and also keep the aesthetics pleasing. This design was a great success back in 1982 and still being used today at the Devoncourt Hotel in Exmouth. It was here were my apprenticeship as a chef started.

In this time I have been in many many kitchens between Devon and London. Working in countless different positions from head chef to pastry chef in various types of restaurants, hotels and brasseries, I had my favorites and without doubt the main factor was the layout, if its easier to work in, the more you'll enjoy it. This early experience plays an important roll in the business that we are proud to be Your Kitchen Ltd.

     I have been designing fitted kitchens in the East Devon area ever since, ever year the kitchen design has changed due to the level of innovative ideas and the amazing lovely materials that become available. Its a beautiful field to be in, and to this day I am very passionate about.

Your Kitchen design for East Devon.